The British Museum

There hasn’t been a lot to post about over the past couple of weeks because we have mostly been busy working and just going about our day-to-day routines. By the end of the week we were starting to feel a bit homesick and ready to venture outside of Oxford so we decided to make our first trip into London. It seems kind of crazy that we’ve lived here for over a month and still hadn’t been but there is so much to do and see in Oxford that we have kept pretty busy on the weekends.  It also takes about 2 hours to get to London by bus so we have been a bit hesitant to go and leave Willow alone for the whole day.

There is so much to do in London that it was hard to decide where to start. We had heard from some friends who visited London recently that you could spend an entire day at one museum alone so we decided to take that approach and some quick Google research lead us to the highly rated British Museum.

This was the most incredible museum we have ever been to, and we highly recommend making a trip if you are visiting England. The museum has some 8 million works in its permanent collection, originating from all continents. We spent about 4 hours there and barely covered the first floor. They are currently featuring an exhibit on “The American Dream” which I really wanted to see but after 4 hours we were feeling exhausted. The museum is free and we will definitely be back. Fortunately, the American Dream exhibit will be around until July. In the future, we decided it would be best to map out the exhibits that you want to cover and try to see those rather than just going from room to room.

As you will see from the photos, our favorite exhibits were from Greece and Egypt. Reading about the history of Greece and seeing all of the ancient statues and artifacts bumped Greece up to the top of our travel bucket list. I want to go back and read some of the Greek Mythology stories because so many of the statues from that era are of the gods and goddesses. It was amazing to see the statues and tombs that were as old as the 6th century BC.

Here are some favorites from the Ancient Greek exhibits:


I loved seeing all of the statues of King Ramesses II and the details on the Egyptian tombs! Here are some favorites from the Egypt/Middle East exhibit:


Getting enlightened in the Enlightenment Exhibit:


And here’s a photo of James because he’s handsome:




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