May Morning

In Oxford, May Day is a much more celebrated event than it is at home. Today was a bank holiday and in the wee hours of the morning the city was alive with festivities.

The event starts at 6 am with the Magdalen College Choir singing from the top of Magdalen tour. Thousands of people line the street to hear the choir, prayer and the ringing of the bells. After the display at Madgalen, the tradition is to go to brunch for a full English breakfast and watch singers and Morris Dancers in the streets. For many, this is the end of all night partying. For university students, there are all-night balls the night before so the streets were filled with drunk college students in formal attire eating McDonalds as they waited for the choir to start. If you know James and I, you know that we did not stay up all night. We woke up at 5, threw on our sweats and brought coffee with us. When we first heard about this event, we weren’t sure if it would be worth getting out of bed that early on a day off  but we were glad we went. It was beautiful to hear the sound of the choir singing to thousands of quiet people and it was fun to see the city alive. We were surprised to see people go back to their partying at 6:30 am when the show was over. There were pubs open, bands playing and the beer garden was full.


This photo was taken at 6:30 am. I wish I could have captured the people drinking straight from the wine bottle.

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