After lots of research on travel sites and in our guide books, we decided that visiting the Cotswolds should definitely be on our to-do list. The Cotswolds is an area in South Central England that covers almost 800 square miles and 5 counties (Oxford is included in the Cotswolds). It is famous for it’s rolling hills and villages of golden colored Cotswold stone. During our day of waiting to move into our apartment, we planned to rent a car and see as much of the villages as possible. Our landlords let us know that we were being a bit ambitious and recommended we try to see just one village which we would be able to access by bus right out of Oxford.

Witney is a town about 12 miles out of Oxford on the River Windrush. It has been famous for its production of wool blankets since the Middle Ages and the water production of the blankets is drawn from the river. The river is believed to contribute to the quality of the blankets.

The town has beautiful architecture, cute shops, bakeries and an open market. It also had a barber shop that was booming with business so James decided to stop and get a hair cut to get ready for his first day of work. While he was getting his hair cut, Willow and I stopped and had a pot of tea and shortbread and then explored a couple of shops. My favorite stop was at an antique store which had lots of old furniture, dishes and items that I know the antique shop visitors in our families would love.

We are definitely looking forward to seeing more of the Cotswolds!

Cotswolds 1Cotswolds 2Cotswolds 3Cotswolds 4Cotswolds 5Cotswolds 6Cotswolds 7Cotswolds 8dsc_0871.jpg




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