Our Flat

After 8 days in a tiny short-let flat, we were nervous about how we were going to adjust to British living. Our temporary rental had a kitchen that was so small that the toaster set off the smoke alarm and it only had space for a mini-fridge. The bathroom had a shower smaller than one you would find in an RV and didn’t have room for a toilet so they put that in a closet. No joke. It did have easy access to lots of parks and shops which we were grateful for, but we were looking forward to moving day.

Moving day was a bit interesting because the previous tenant was moving out at noon, the landlords needed to clean the property until 6 pm and we were to check out of our rental at 10 am. It turns out that the previous tenant was being asked to leave rather than moving on his own accord so they were a bit nervous about what state the flat would be in when they checked him out. When we came by the flat earlier in the week to see the place he was cooking fish in his underwear. This was likely intentional as he had done it for previous viewings. Thankfully, our landlords are the sweetest people and felt bad about the situation so came and picked up our belongings, gave us recommendations on how to spend our day and even bought us lunch!

Willow and I waiting for our new landlords to pick up our stuff

Per John & Ghazalah’s recommendations, we went by the Gloucester Green Market for lunch where we had some delicious Polish food and then took a bus into Witney which is a part of the Cotswalds. More photos and info to come on that trip later…

Around 4pm, we got a message from the landlords that the place was mostly ready for us so we headed back. After we checked in, they took us to a home goods store and the grocery store in their car so that we could get started with the basics. We have no idea how we were so lucky to find such kind and generous people as landlords. The apartment is better than expected and they have been absolutely wonderful to work with. They have moved abroad to many countries so are very sensitive to the situation and knew exactly what kind of help we would need.

So far, we are loving how bright the space is and how close it is to walking trails and places that we can let Willow off of her leash. It’s also very quiet, especially considering how close we are to the city center.

The nice thing about moving with just a few suitcases is it doesn’t take long to unpack. Here are the photos. We are looking forward to sharing the space with all of our visitors!

Living room/dining area:


Bedrooms (second bedroom has a trundle bed so there is room for 2):



Outside & Laundry Room:


6 thoughts on “Our Flat

  1. You are so fortunate in finding and moving in to your apartment, I have been asking the Lord to watch over you and James and Willow. You are special to me. Ellen


  2. I am so happy for you both. It makes me happy to see you dreams coming true. I actually brag about you at work…”Well, my former student employee is across the Pond now…”


  3. I like the brightness of this flat, too! And the fact that the landlords were so nice to you. Thanks for following our blog, Oh, the Places We See. And here’s hoping the places you’re seeing right now will stick with you the rest of your lives. What a big world we live in!


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