The First Week

Our first week has been a success! After we got over the hurdle of getting Willow, things have been going well.

We spent the weekend getting acquainted with Oxford. The weather was beautiful both days, around 60 degrees and sunny. Sunday was Mum’s Day so lots of people were out and about enjoying the weather. Since Willow had been through the trauma of flying on a plane, we focused most of our time on doing things she would like which meant lots of park visits, fetch, snuggles and walks. So far, she’s loving it here and is going to be very disappointed when we start work and aren’t able to devote so much of our days to her.

We’ve spent a few different afternoons exploring the city center which is incredibly beautiful. We are so amazed with the architecture and history. The city is also filled with lots of beautiful parks with walking trails and daffodils in full bloom. All of the parks are off-leash as well which Willow is loving. One day we walked to the city center which takes about 30 minutes from our temporary flat and now that we have bus passes, we have been taking the bus (some are double-deckers!). The bus system isn’t as affordable as we hoped, a round-trip fare is £3.50 and a monthly pass is £55 but it’s still much better than driving. Once we get settled in we will consider purchasing some used bikes.

Who knew that moving to another country would be so much work! We have kept very busy getting our lives in order before James starts work next week. One afternoon we went to the post office to collect our residence permits and were surprised that it was so busy that we had to take a number to be helped. We both got our cell phones set up with local numbers and are pleased with how affordable and easy that was. We tried (and failed) to set up bank accounts. There are so many requirements that are hard to meet when you aren’t from the country such as: you need a bill to set up a bank account, you need a bank account to set up a cell phone contract, you need a phone number to apply for many houses, etc. Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we should be able to get everything organized soon because we went to see our permanent flat and are going to be signing the lease and in on April 1. In between errands, James has been catching up on some research and I have started applying for jobs.

We weren’t able to take photos of our new flat because there is still a tenant in the unit but we are thrilled with the surrounding area. Here is a picture of the Thames which is almost in our back yard and has a great park with walking trails nearby.


PS – It was daylight savings time here on Sunday so we are now 8 hours ahead those of you at home.


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